Frequently Asked Questions

If you have paid for your order and setup your files using the appropriate downloadable Lab Kits, you can go ahead and upload your files HERE.

Austin, Texas

After artwork is uploaded and approved, your order will be shipped no later than 10 business days unless stated otherwise on our up-to-date Turnaround Time page.

Want to receive a physical version of your own custom charm design(s) before placing a large order?

Prototypes are $45 per medium/per design
with $30 credit given back towards any non-prototype order (e.g. a 50 piece order or more on any of our materials or a custom order) placed within 30 days after the date of your prototype order.

Be sure to contact us for this credit
, as we can send you a custom invoice or a coupon code for your order to reflect this credit.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help!

Yes, you can.
However, there is a small charge for a more complex quote, as putting together a quote is a time consuming task. Contact us for the fee. We will need to see your artwork to scale for a quote. The quote fee will be credited with an order for the same.

Rush Orders are taken on a limited basis, as they require staff to stay after hours to process the order. There is an additional fee for rush orders. Please contact us if you are interested in this option prior to placing an order.

(Please note that we DO accept Photoshop files too! You can download the instructions and templates for file setup here.)
Vector graphics, unlike jpegs, gifs, and bmp images, vector graphics are not made up of a grid of pixels. Instead, they are comprised of paths, which are defined by start and end point, along with other points, curves, and angles along the way. Because they are not made up of a specific number of dots, they can be scaled to a larger size (the size of a barn for instance) and not lose any image quality and scaled down in the same manner; either way, each object within the graphic stays smooth and clean and typically take up less space than bitmap images. Other file types, such as raster graphics will look blocky, or pixelated when scaled larger.
Additionally, laser cut-lines and holes are recognized as such utilizing vector graphics, other file types requiring laser cutting must be converted to vector graphics to be recognized by our laser cutter.
Vector graphics also have the ability to contain information for spot colors. Raster images cannot.

Yes. To do this, the following steps are required:

After you have paid for your order, BEFORE you upload your files:

1. Contact us via email (ask.inkitlabs@gmail.com) to alert us of your desired hole size and/or tab.

2. Have receipt of an email reply, acknowledging we have been made aware of your special hole request.

3. Your file naming convention must be uploaded to include this alert :

Jane Doe_Q100_1.5inClearAcrylic_SPECIAL HOLE_1of5.psd

Any other form of communication will not be accepted. Placing a note in the remarks regarding your files is not sufficient communication.

Avoid using gradients, if you are utilizing the Spot Color Palette, as they can produce unpredictable results.

If you simply must have gradients in your artwork and want to utilize the Spot Color palette, it’s not impossible.  We consider this option for the Expert Level Illustrator users.
It requires a different set up and test prints (additional charge), prior to full order production. Contact us.

Yes! We do! You will need to setup your files using our templates and guidelines in our downloadable Lab Kits.

Yes, you can.

No. Due to the complexity of file setup, jpegs are not able to contain all of the file information that we would need from your order.You can set up your Photoshop files following the guidelines outlined in the Lab Kit that corresponds to the material you are ordering. If you’d rather have us set up your files, you may submit a layered .PSD, .PNG, or .TIFF saved at 480dpi for special order conversion to a print ready file. For $30 per file or in the case of more complex projects, $60 per hour design time. If you are interested in this service, please contact us. Please be sure that you title your files using our File Naming standards.

Each order is considered as a Custom Order (made to order). Unfortunately, we can only be responsible for our mistakes. We offer free and fee-based instruction and services to assist in assuring your order meets our requirements for the desired outcome. Our goal is to make every customer happy. If your artwork is submitted in proper format and selection of color choices are considered utilizing our spot-color palette, we feel confident you will love the results.

No. Reprints will only be considered at no charge for mistakes made by Ink It Labs.


Our spot color system ensures that you get the exact color you want, every time you order.
Spot colors and spot color palettes are only useful for vector-based files. UNLESS, you are are willing to submit your artwork for conversion. Conversion to a vector-based file can be expensive. How expensive, depends on the complexity of your design and the number of color choices selected. If you are interested in having your file converted to vector, contact us.

Don’t be fooled by those vibrant colors on your digital files.
Your work on-screen and your work printed can change drastically.
Loss of saturation and change in value on printed artwork can be unexpected and disappointing.
If you are serious about the importance of color in your work, this is a must have.
Eliminate the guess work and ensure that every color is exactly as you dreamed with this color management reference tool for dense, rich, and accurate color every time.

Our downloadable swatches (Found in each Illustrator Lab Kit download) work hand in hand with our spot color palettes for use in Adobe Illustrator.
The benefit of using our swatches over Pantone swatches is that you can have a hands-on reference tool printed by the SAME PROCESS used to print your art. For artists using the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS), please reference a Pantone Color Bridge swatch book to match/convert your PMS colors to CMYK values.

* Avoid gradients with the use of spot color, as this may result in unpredictable results. (see gradient question for more info).

The palette is placed on a grid, much like reading a map, choose the vertical letter and number and add the horizontal letter. In your software, find the corresponding color label in your spot color swatches and click. Easy Peasy.

Please note: spot colors are only for Adobe Illustrator and only for use WITH the printed palettes as reference.
The swatches will be downloaded along with your Illustrator Labs Kits.
A printed reference palette can be purchased from our samples page.

Yes! Each palette provides an accurate representation of the printed spot-color for the media.
Colors will appear very different when printed on wood than on Clear Acrylic.

Layered .PDF (Vector) , layered .Ai (Vector), layered .PSD(Raster) 150-480 dpi, and .PNG*(Raster) 150-480dpi file types only. *.PNG files are only acceptable if paying for Ink It Labs to convert.
After you have placed your art in the appropriate layers within one or more of our downloadable Lab Kits, SAVE your file using our File Naming standards(see below).

The file naming standard for all orders through Ink It Labs is as follows:

Your Name and Company Name
(ex.) Bob_Bobberton_Splatco
Your order quantity (which will be indicated by “Q” in file name)
(ex.) 50 1″ wooden charms with 2 designs.

Design #1 would be saved as follows:
Bob_Bobberton_Splatco_Q50_1inWood_1of2.psd (or .ai for Illustrator users)

Design #2 would be saved as follows:
Bob_Bobberton_Splatco_Q50_1inWood_2of2.psd (or .ai for Illustrator users)