First Timer?

Is it your first time ordering from us? Here are some answers to some questions you may have:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. We always recommend your purchase a sample pack. This will provide you with visible sample of our different material and finish options.

2. From the File Set up button choose the material type and download all the documents you need to setup your art files. Your files must be set up to our requirements using Photoshop or Illustrator.

3. Be thorough in reading the instructions. If you have any questions regarding set up, contact us.
We don’t mind questions and always happy to assist, once you’ve done your homework.

If you have any concerns regarding the outcome of your print colors or line work showing up… a good rule of thumb is to print your design on your home printer “to scale”. This will reveal where you may need to thicken your lines or increase contrast and/or saturation. While this isn’t a ‘tell-all’, it’s likely if you’re happy with what you see here, you’ll love your prints.

Want to receive a physical version of your own custom charm design(s) before placing a large order?

Prototypes are $45 per medium/per design
with $30 credit given back towards any non-prototype order (e.g. a 50 piece order or more on any of our materials or a custom order) placed within 30 days after the date of your prototype order.

Be sure to contact us for this credit
, as we can send you a custom invoice or a coupon code for your order to reflect this credit.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help!

1. On Clear Acrylic, remembering the desired orientation of your design…be sure to submit your design to us for the Clear Acrylic only facing the opposite direction of the desired outcome. If you want your design to face left, submit to us facing right and vise verse.

2. Handling text on Clear Acrylic… Once you have the orientation set to send to us (facing the opposite direction of the printed outcome)…any text needs to be addressed. Text on the front of your charm needs to read backwards. Text on the back of your charm reads normal.

Turnaround Times can change depending on the season and our workload. You can always view our current turnaround time here. Turnaround times may be interrupted and extended if your files have issues. The turnaround time clock begins ticking when we are in receipt of ready-to-go files. The date of submission is not included when calculating the time. Additionally, the turnaround time means your order can ship anytime within this time frame, but no later than the last date calculated.

If you have paid for your order and setup your files using the appropriate downloadable Labs Kits, you can go ahead and upload your files HERE.

Austin, Texas

After artwork is uploaded and approved, your order will be shipped no later than 10 business days unless stated otherwise on our up-to-date turnaround time page.